All We Know of Heaven (Two act stage play, 1m, 2f, 90 minutes)

A mother and son are locked in a toxic relationship until a visit by a young woman upsets the uneasy equilibrium.

Screaming Butterfly (One act stage play, 2m, 1f, 40 minutes)

A couple visit the grave of Jim Morrison in Paris, but Mojo’s obsession with his hero masks a deeper grief.

Cat and Mouse (One act stage play, 2f, 45 minutes. Winner of Audience Award at regional drama festival)

Rose believes passionately in Votes for Women, and dies because of it. Tiffany likes drinking and sex and has never voted. When they collide, their contrasting attitudes lead to verbal fireworks.

One Night With You (One act stage play, 2m, 3f, 50 minutes. Winner of Special Award for Artistic Merit at regional drama festival)

When Gavin meets his lost love Francesca in a hotel bar, he is sure that they can rekindle their relationship. But her circumstances have changed and he discovers that sex involves a financial transaction. Will Gavin feel the same about her now?

Leavers (One act stage play for young people, 3m, 4f, 50 minutes)

It’s the night of the Leavers’ Ball for a group of sixth-formers. But when a car accident lands them all in hospital it’s time to re-evaluate their futures.

Head to Head (One act stage play for Juniors, 5m, 3f, 2 m or f, 50 minutes)

Pogo and his friends join an American football team, the Rotherby Rockets, only to find that never giving up on victory doesn’t just apply to football.

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